Shakespeare’s 450th Birthday…
"The greatest Shakespearean acting I have ever witnessed" (Review The Telegraph)

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David Niven and Maggie Smith, as Dick and Dora Charleston - Murder by Death (1976)

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Penelope Wilton & Maggie Smith filming series 5 of Downton Abbey. (x)

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and this…is exactly how Doctors behave

Dr.Meryl Streep

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Maggie Smith & Penelope Wilton filming at Bampton

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Meryl Streep | O’Neill Center’s Monte Cristo Award, 2014 ()

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If you had to choice one to survive the zombie apocalypse, which character would it be? 

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"[…] And thank you to my husband for those four children that I dreamed of on the beach that day. He came along, thank god. Thank you very much."

Meryl Streep Honored With Monte Cristo Award (x)


Judi Dench, photographed by J.R. Mankoff for Harper’s Bazaar UK.

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